Calcium Granules



The product calcium granules uses the PE/PP as base material, add high quality calcium carbonate powder and variety of chemical additives to made-up filler, it has the advantages of large loading level, excellent processing performance, good colour and luster of product, it can be compatibility with matrix resin very well, and improve processing performance and usability of matrix resin greatly, also reduce the prime cost, it’s an ideal multi-functional modified master batch.

Name:  100% Virgin Polypropylene (PP);
Grade:  Yarn Grade, Powder Grade, Pipe Grade, Fiber Grade, Coating Grade, Injection Molding Grade, Film Grade;
Type:  Granules;

This product is hot melt adhesive granule, 100% of the solid components. It is the combination of polymer materials, non-toxic, non-irritating smell, no heavy metal. This product conforms to the ROSH directive and REACH report.

The particles can be melted by the screw, the glue box, the hot-melt glue machine and the special heating device. The melted particles can be coated through a rolling wheel, scraper, flow, spraying and so on.

DS7601 have good adhesion on PP and textiles, it has excellent heat resistance, cold resistance and water resistance, solvent-free, environmental protection and easy to process.

DS7601 application on PP, textiles, fabrics.

Packaging Details: 25 kg/bag Standard package: Inner (Plastic film) and outer: (Paper bag or woven bag).

Storage:  Shelf life: It should avoid damp, contaminated and direct sunlight during transport. And should be stored in a ventilated and dry place. Do not put it with flammable and corrosive substances together, and away from the fire.


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